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The 'Said Liquidator Anthology 1987-1991' contains 33 of the band's recordings. The songs have all been mastered from the original sources, mainly studio master tapes, and for the first time makes available high quality format releases of some songs that were only released on cassette during the band's lifetime.

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Good Vibrations - Punk Singles Compilation
A very fine compilation - I'd love somebody
to release a comprehensive box set of the
Good Vibrations back catalogue. 




Rezillos - Can't Stand the Rezillos
Pretty much everything recorded by the band.
It includes, in full, their debut LP. 





Bill Nelson's Red Noise - Sound on Sound
A great LP combining new technology with
traditional but very sharp songwriting. 





Multi-Region DVD Player
I'll be adding DVD recommendations, some
will be US issues - here is a great value
multi-region DVD player! 




Orange Juice - The Glasgow School
Compilation of their early material when they were with Postcard Records.  Not as smooth and generally accessible as their later work for Polydor but these songs were successful in launching them those things aren't important.  These are great songs, with vitality, and that's what counts. 



Slits - Cut
An amazingly good and even LP throughout.  The songs from their earlier 'punk' sound remained energetic but became so much on top of that.  This is a fabulous and unique LP that is successful in every way. 




Au Pairs - Equal but Different
An almost complete collection of their BBC session recordings.  They hold a special place in my heart as these arrangements and tempos were how I heard them first before they took the edges off and rerecorded the songs for their LPs.  (There are a few songs here that didn't make it onto their regular releases.) 



Au Pairs - Stepping Out of Line
A fairly exhaustive anthology containing all the studio material released on record within the lifetime of the band: the first two LPs are delivered in full as are the singles releases.  There are some previously unreleased tracks too.  



Revillos - Rev Up
The band's debut LP with the essential early singles added. 





Wah! - Nah Poo the Art of Bluff
Edwyn Collins once described this as the 'art of heavy metal'.  It sounds great to me.  The CD contains the debut LP with the addition of the singles released within the same era. 




Cure - Three Imaginary Boys
A very different sound to the one they are so well known for - it's just a different flavour of the Cure - perkier, pinker.  This is the LP as it appeared and it remains wonderful. 




Cure - Seventeen Seconds
Electronics appear in the sound for the first time, the songs are longer and moodier: it's a remarkable change of style from Three Imaginary Boys yet it appears fully formed and unlike anything else that existed at the time.  This is a great LP that stands many many listenings. 



Depeche Mode - Singles 1981-1985
Charting (excuse the pun) the change from their early all out electro pop sound to something much darker and ambitious that would actually be the foundation of their lasting popularity.  Irresistable. 




Steel Pulse - Sound System
An anthology that presents the first three LPs (Handsworth Revolution, Tribute to the Martyrs and Caught You) along with otherwise impossible to find 12" mixes of some of their best singles.  This collection contains a faultless run of recordings and is very good value.   



Steel Pulse - Tribute to the Martyrs
My money would still be on the anthology Sound System but if I was to pick a single LP by Steel Pulse this would be it. 




Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro
Their debut LP that contained the early singles Treason, Sleeping Gas, Ha Ha I'm Drowning as well as my favourite When I Dream.  An excellent LP.  This CD issue adds the next single, Reward, and the B sides from the era. 




Blancmange - Happy Families
This is the band's debut LP.  Like the duo themselves, it's very good natured and includes their wonderful early singles God's Kitchen, Feel Me, Living on the Ceiling and Waves.  It's a great LP.  This version adds 12" mixes of the singles. 




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