Rather than provide a gallery of people from the Newcastle alternative scene in the 1980s on this site, they're on Facebook to take advantage of the functionality there.

I've created the Facebook group 'Newcastle's alternative scene in the 1980s' and loaded more than 80 photos I took of people who were around at the time. There are pictures from parties, various flats, a free gig on Eldon Green and a fashion show at Riverside. (Sample pics below.) Click on the red links to join the Facebook group and see the full set.

Newcastle's alternative scene in the 1980s

newcastle people,mark o kane,becky mccalister

Becky's party 1987

newcastle people,eldon green,summer gig  

newcastle riverside,fashion show,kim

Eldon Green 1985 / Newcastle Riverside 1988

Newcastle's alternative scene in the 1980s

said liquidator,anthology,third man,la di da records

The 'Said Liquidator Anthology 1987-1991' contains 33 of the band's recordings. The songs have all been mastered from the original sources, mainly studio master tapes, and for the first time makes available high quality format releases of some songs that were only released on cassette during the band's lifetime.

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